“The Card” – New Short Story Release!

As I hinted around in my last post, I have something to help tide you over until Frostwalker is released. I’m pleased to present The Card, available now for 99 cents!

The Card

When a strange tarot card appears in a friend’s deck, Jason assumes it’s just a prank done in poor taste. But, when terrible events befall those around him, he must face the possibility that something sinister is afoot.

Death is closing in, along with a suspicious detective who believes that Jason may be the killer he’s stalking. With his life turned upside down, Jason finds that there are worse things to be hunted by than the authorities.

This 4,500 word short is a supernatural horror story in the spirit of the pulp era, but with a modern feel.


The Card is currently available through Smashwords, in many different formats, including Mobi (Kindle), PDF, EPUB, and more. Soon it will begin to filter out to other retailers. There is also a direct Kindle edition in the works, to be offered through Amazon, but the formatting on that isn’t quite right just yet. I’ll be sure to mention it on my Facebook page when that goes live, as well as updating my Works page with links to new retailers as they become available.

UPDATE: The Kindle edition is now live on Amazon! Check it out!

UPDATE: As of January 16th, The Card is available on Kobo! Linkie!


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