Good Guys – A Short Bit Of Fiction For Your Entertainment

Writers aren’t just supposed to write. They’re also supposed to put things out there for you to read. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, especially seeing how long it’s taking me to finish work on A Man With A Gun. So today, I thought I’d share a short piece (about 2,000 words) that I wrote a little over two years ago.

Good Guys started life as a writing exercise. I just sat down one day and tasked myself with creating a short scene, the focus of which would be to convey what it’s like at the height of summer here in rural North Carolina. As I wrote, it grew into a bit of a story, although a very short one. Ultimately, I ended up putting it through all the same refinements my other work goes through – it was sent to my beta readers, revised, sent to my editor, Pauline, and revised even more. So, despite its length, it is a “finished” piece.

Something worth noting is the mention of the cicadas. These critters make an endless chattering screech during summer and if you’ve never heard it before, you can’t really appreciate how pervasive it is. Have a listen:

I hope you enjoy this little jaunt, and I further hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments as well as sharing this story with your friends. Without further ado… Continue reading


Frostwalker Excerpt – Opening Scene: Jake Walks The Field

Front Cover Art Mock-UpI’m happy to present you with a new excerpt from Frostwalker! This time, it’s the opening scene from the book. If you’ve read some of my interviews, you may recognize this. This scene is what grew out of a late night trip to the mailbox in winter, and from this scene the rest of the story developed on its own.

Meanwhile, preparations continue for the release. The cover art is being finalized and formatting is underway. Work is also being done on the media kit, as well as various other supporting efforts. Stay tuned – it won’t be much longer now!

For now, enjoy this excerpt, and feel free to post your thoughts below! Continue reading