Cover Reveal – I Am Forever, by Wynne Channing



A special treat for you today! The cover reveal for Wynne Channing’s upcoming novel I Am Forever, the Sequel to her best-selling What Kills Me! Check it out!

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Cheer Me On In The Tournament Of Monsters!

In honor of the first Virtual Blogger Book Fair, Wynne Channing (author of What Kills Me) is hosting the Tournament Of Monsters over at her blog! I’m lucky enough to be a participant in this event and “my monster” is going to be the best: Mankind! What could be more terrifying than… us? Best of all, in the final round, you get to pick who will triumph! Continue reading


Interview With ‘The Forever Girl’ Author Rebecca Hamilton

The Forever Girl, by Rebecca Hamilton

The Forever Girl, by Rebecca Hamilton

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook have no doubt seen my posts about just how great a read The Forever Girl was. As someone who doesn’t usually read that genre, it was a departure for me. The fact that I was sold on the first chapter and then loved the book in full should be a testament to the wide appeal this book offers and the compelling ability of the author, Rebecca Hamilton.

Today, I have a special treat for you! I asked this talented (and busy) lady to take the time to answer a few questions for me and my readers and she graciously consented. I’m very pleased to present this brief interview with Rebecca Hamilton. I hope you find it as enjoyable to read as it was to conduct! Continue reading