Update – A Man With A Gun Edits

Just a bit of a minor update. If you follow my Facebook page, you probably know this already, but the manuscript for A Man With A Gun has already felt the pitiless lash of my wonderful editor, Pauline Nolet.

She’s already made one pass on it, reminding me in no uncertain terms that I really, really need to have an editor and that I simply have no idea how to properly use commas. I’ve made my pass in response, and the MS is back with her again for another round of strict corrective action.

I suspect we’ll see a finished draft soon!

In related news, my original cover artist has found life to be a bit busy of late. However, another artist has stepped up to the plate and shown great enthusiasm for the project. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. The manuscript is still being tinkered with, but it’s mostly complete, if in need of final polish, so it’s about time we put some clothes on this baby!


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