A New Year With Much Promise

So, here we are in 2013. Honestly, if I survive another apocalypse, I’m going to add “Apocalypse Survival Consultant” to my resumé. It’s getting a bit old hat by now, don’t you think?

Apocalypse Again?!


But, while apocalypses pass us by, the rest of life remains to keep us busy – and busy I have been! Sadly, not all of my energy has gone into my writing, but here’s a little update on what’s going on in that arena.

The biggest news is probably that I’ve now gotten the last chapters of Frostwalker back from my editors! The next step is to go through and fix what needs fixing, then that (hopefully final) draft will go back for another pass under the microscope. The end result will, I hope, be the finished book! Well, the story part anyway. There is much more beyond the story that goes into a book, however. Ebook formatting, promotional planning, and so on and so forth. I don’t have any estimate yet on how far out the release may be – heck, a year ago, I thought it would be out in February or March of last year, so I am wise enough not to make any promises on that front. But, sometime in the first half of this year seems likely!


In between editing Frostwalker, I’m continuing my work on A Man With A Gun. As I’ve mentioned before, that’s a working title which may change. It’s a short story, set in a near future, dystopian, western setting, although I have no idea what the final length may be at this point. It’s been a bit of a love/hate experience so far, as I think this is a story with lots of potential, but working on it is like pulling teeth sometimes! Still, progress is being made – slowly.


Prior to the release of Frostwalker, I may be releasing a little something else to tide you over. No details yet, but stay tuned…


Aside from the writing, there are other goings on worth mentioning. I have been interviewed recently and that interview will be going live in a couple of weeks. When it does, I’ll be posting about it so you can all check it out. In a similar vein, last Friday, I was honored to be the featured member author over at The Fiction Bookshelf! That’s pretty cool…


Also, the next Blogger Book Fair is coming up, February 7th through the 10th! Like last year, while I won’t have my own work on offer, I will be hosting authors who do have books in the fair. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s basically a huge collaboration between authors, bloggers, and others involved in the indie writing scene to help readers find out about all the great books that are out there. While the details aren’t all worked out just yet, expect to see interviews, free ebooks, guest posts, and all sorts of fun stuff across scads of sites – including mine! It’s gonna be epic!


So, that’s the latest. Let’s see where 2013 takes us… I think it’s gonna rock!


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