A Man With A Gun Kindle Edition Preorders Are Live!

The Kindle Edition of A Man With A Gun is now available for preorder! If you’re inclined to do your reading via Kindle, you can pick it up now and it will be auto-delivered upon release on March 30th, 2021.

Go grab it, ya’ll!

Off the beaten path. Under the radar. Off the grid.

As a young man Virgil Cain fought with the resistance to restore liberty to an America sliding into tyranny. The resistance lost. Three decades later he runs guns, ammo, electronics, books, all the little things the government has banned. He’s been keeping a low profile – smugglers live longer that way. If you’re small time they might overlook you for a while… maybe for a lifetime.

When a woman in a federal inmate’s uniform literally falls from the sky and into his path all that caution is put in jeopardy. Marilyn is trouble, but not helping would be as good as killing her himself. Now Virgil has found himself embroiled in events bigger than he could have imagined, in a fight more deadly than the resistance ever was. Feeling his age, outgunned, outnumbered, among old friends and new enemies, Virgil is in for a hell of a ride.

The paperback edition will be along as well, likely releasing around the same time, at the end of March. However, there isn’t a preorder option for that via Amazon. If you’re like me and prefer your books tattooed on the corpses of trees, stay tuned. I’ll be sure to announce the paperback release here as well as on my Facebook page.