Blogger Book Fair Wrap-Up

Well, this Blogger Book Fair has almost come to an end. You can still swing by the BBF site and see what events are still going on and catch the deals and giveaways, but you’d better act fast!

As for my own part, you can check my previous post to see the guest posts that have been featured here on my blog, as well as links to the guest posts I did for other blogs. Also, my giveaway for a paperback copy of Frostwalker ends in just about 17 hours from the time of this post. I’ll include the giveaway at the bottom of this post so you can enter if you haven’t already.

Also, as a thank you for all of the fine folks who have stopped by during the fair, I’d like to offer one last, quick bonus: If you’d like to get my short story The Card for free, hop on over to Smashwords, add it to your cart, and checkout with the following coupon code: JL47F

That code expires tomorrow, so this is a very limited time offer!

I’d like to thank Kayla Curry, Fel Wetzig, and Pereza Thompson for managing what is a truly huge event. I’d also like to thank Michael Brookes, J.C. Martin, and Elizabeth Barone for both hosting guest posts from me and for providing guest posts of their own for my blog!

Finally, thanks to you for stopping by! Now to get ready for the next Blogger Book Fair!


Click below to enter the Frostwalker giveaway!

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Blogger Book Fair Update, July 25th

I had hoped to do a recap for Tuesday and Wednesday on those respective days, but life got in the way. So, what’s been going on? Well, I’ll tell you!

On day 2 of the Blogger Book Fair, J.C. Martin stopped by to tell us about 5 Common Qualities Between Successful Writers & Martial Artists. Be sure to check that out! Seriously, if you don’t, she might beat me up!

Also on Tuesday, I had a guest post of my own hosted by Elizabeth Barone on her blog. My post was about the lessons I learned in the process of publishing Frostwalker and it’s full of all sorts of wit and wisdom. All sorts of it! Just… Go read it!


On Wednesday, I was pleased to present a guest post by Elizabeth on the balancing act artists face when dealing with romantic relationships. Good advice, whether you’re in a relationship with one creative type or two!

Likewise on Wednesday, Michael Brookes was kind enough to host me and my guest post on what is truly more scary in horror writing – gore or dread? More wit and wisdom! Can you believe it!?


Finally, today I’m lucky enough to have a third guest post out there! J.C. Martin is letting me take the space to expound on the importance of happy endings in horror! See? Witty! Wise!

By the way, in case you missed it, on Monday I was honored to host a guest post by Michael Brookes himself on what it’s like to write fiction for someone else’s universe. Give it a look!


In other news, be sure to swing by the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards and vote for my books! You can vote for Frostwalker in the Horror category and you can vote for The Card in the Horror Short Stories category. Thank you to those who have already voted, and if you haven’t, be sure to do so, because today is the last day!

Also, you still have time to enter my giveaway to win a free paperback copy of Frostwalker! To enter, you can find the Rafflecopter widget (or a link to the widget) at the bottom of any of my guest posts, in the bit about Frostwalker.

Blogger Book Fair Guest Post by Elizabeth Barone – 5 Tips For Balancing Your Art And Marriage

Today, the talented Elizabeth Barone gives us insight into how creative sorts can run into trouble in their romantic life, and how to avoid it! Enjoy! Continue reading

Blogger Book Fair Guest Post by J.C. Martin – 5 Common Qualities Between Successful Writers & Martial Artists

Today for the Blogger Book Fair, I’m happy to host J.C. Martin! Be sure to enter the giveaway she’s running during the fair to win a copy of her new novel, Oracle!

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Blogger Book Fair – Day 1 Recap

The Summer 2013 Blogger Book Fair is well underway!

Today (Monday), I hosted a guest post by Michael Brookes about writing fiction for someone else’s universe. Mr. Brookes has an interesting life, working in both fiction writing and the video games industry.

Additionally, my novel Frostwalker was reviewed (and I was interviewed by) Jeann Wong at her Happy Indulgence Books blog, where she declared it so scary that “I had to make sure I was in a public place and surrounded by people and preferably in daylight at all times“! If you swing by and check out the review and interview, be sure to scroll to the bottom and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a paperback copy of Frostwalker!

By the way, there is another blog review of Frostwalker that went live over the weekend. It’s not part of the Blogger Book Fair, but swing by IndieHeart and check it out!

Also, the Reader’s Choice Awards are now live! I hope you’ll hop by and vote for Frostwalker in the Horror category, and The Card in the Horror Short Story category.

Be sure to swing by the main Blogger Book Fair site (linked above) and see what else is going on around the fair!

Blogger Book Fair Guest Post by Michael Brookes – Playing In Someone Else’s Sandbox

For today’s Blogger Book Fair guest post, I’m happy to play host to Michael Brookes, author of Faust 2.0 and The Third Path Trilogy. Mr. Brookes gives us a little insight into writing for someone else’s universe and the challenges involved. As both an author and a gamer, I find his unique position fascinating!

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Blogger Book Fair – How To Get The Most From The Event

The Summer 2013 Blogger Book Fair starts tomorrow, and it is going to be a HUGE event this time! There are about 200 authors and bloggers involved, representing over 400 books! There will be great deals, giveaways, fun events, and lots more!

But, how do you actually make use of the event? If you’ve never been involved in a previous Blogger Book Fair, you may be wondering just what it’s all about and how to enjoy it. Here’s a little info on what you’ll see this week and how to find it all. I’ll also give you a heads-up on where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing during the event, as well as the guests I’ll be hosting here. Continue reading