Win A Kindle Fire And 40 Books To Fill It With! is a cross-promotion effort where you get to enter to win great prizes. Right now, their current promo is your chance to win a Kindle Fire along with 40 Kindle e-books to put on it. Entering to win is easy and free – just use the Rafflecopter entry at the bottom of this post. But, before you do, let me tell you about a great book!

The List Of Five

by J. Scott Sharp



A normal kid

Thirteen year-old Richie Lyons is spending the summer hanging out with
his friends, playing games and unaware that his world is about to come

-It was inevitable like waves crashing on the shore

A list of names

He awakens in the morning of his thirteenth birthday with a list of
names pounding through his skull, a list that contains the names of
those he cares about most. As the hours go by, he has frightful visions
of a fire threatening the lives of his family whenever he touches them.

-It was inevitable like waves crashing on the shore

A mystery unfolds

The more he discovers about the list, the less he understands. From a
near abandoned shopping mall where an sinister cult begins to unfold a
terrifying destiny to the local arcade where Richie confronts his own
ominous fate, Richie finds it may be too late for himself and everyone
else that he loves.

-It was inevitable like waves crashing on the shore

A certainty revealed

Richie discovers he may have to grow up much faster than he ever wanted to grow. There is something very wrong with his visions, and there is something about the list that could mean the end of everything.


Bonus! The prequel to The List Of Five is available for free!


And now, for the giveaway! WordPress doesn’t support the sort of scripting needed for embedding Rafflecopter giveaways, but this link will take you directly to it:
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Sponsors for this giveaway:

 Embers at Galdrilene

Tears of War

Together Apart

Let Me Go

Captured Again

Rise of the Goddess: Divine Awakenings

A Prescription for Delirium

The Forever Girl


Chasing Azrael

The Forgotten Ones

The Reading Lessons

The Making of Nebraska Brown

Ready For You

Shadow Wolf

The Survivors Book I: Summer

Darwin’s Children

A Ranger’s Tale

The Bo(d)y Next Door

The Seance

Desires (A Legacy Novel)


The Boy From the Woods

Charmed Vengeance



The List of Five

Eating Sarah

The Zodiac Collector

The Raie’Chaelia

Sworn To Raise

The Extractor

Wings of Shadow

Mad for You

Call Sign Karma

Fragile Bonds


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