Authors Supporting Our Troops – Time To Pitch In!

No matter what your political leanings or beliefs, one thing we all agree on is that it’s important to support those who serve in our armed forces. Many of my own family members have served over the years, as well as many friends. But whether you’re a friend, a relative, or a complete stranger, I am forever grateful for those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms.

Because of this, I was very happy when I stumbled across an event being run by fellow horror author Armand RosamiliaAuthors Supporting Our Troops 2014!

ASOT 2014

This is a great chance for authors like myself to give something back to those who have given so much. I’m proud to be a part of this event, and I hope many of my friends in the indie author scene will join in!


4 responses to “Authors Supporting Our Troops – Time To Pitch In!

  1. You guys are great. Not only would I like to share my thanks with the service men and women for their sacrifice, but also to you guys for doing your part. Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you! By the way, for anyone interested, I think that Mr. Rosamilia is taking donations to help offset the cost of shipping all those books overseas. I don’t have the info in front of me, but check the event page linked in the blog post above.

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